The 10 best places for breakfast on Curaçao

Which place should you go for a lovely breakfast on Curaçao? Because of the many restaurants on the island, it's hard to see the forest for the palm trees.
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But don’t worry, we are happy to give you some recommendations! As true locals, we already know the best restaurants for a delicious breakfast on Curaçao. And we can also tell you where to park your car. So read on and visit one of the following seven food hotspots.

Number Ten

Number Ten is one of our favorite places, for both breakfast and lunch in Curacao! This food paradise has a romantic looking indoor space with brocante furniture, as well as a beautiful large terrace. We love having breakfast outside, among the green leaves and singing birds. Number 10 has a very extensive menu that includes well-filled sandwiches, waffles with fruit and tasty wraps. Whatever you choose, leave some room for dessert! You shouldn’t leave without tasting a delicious piece of cake. We especially love the colorful “Rainbow Cake.”


Number Ten has a large parking lot, making it easy to find a place.
Note: This Curacao breakfast hotspot is closed on weekends! So plan your breakfast date during the week!



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For a delicious breakfast overlooking the sea, go to BijBlauw! This is one of the trendy, brightly colored buildings in Pietermaai. Here you will find one of the best breakfast and lunch places in Curacao, but also a concept store and boutique hotel. On BijBlauw’s partially covered terrace, you won’t notice anything of Willemstad’s busy city life. In peace and quiet, you can enjoy a delicious breakfast and the brilliant view of the turquoise sea gently splashing against the rocks.

As for breakfast, there is plenty to choose from! How about a bagel with smoked salmon and poached egg? Yogurt with fresh fruit? Or banana pancakes? The good thing is that you don’t necessarily have to choose! For an attractive price, you can order the varied BijBlauw Breakfast, which includes all these delicacies. A luxurious start to the day!


If you come to BijBlauw by car, you can park it on the side of the road. In case there is no spot available here, you can drive to the parking spaces a little further down the road (max 2 minutes on foot).


Have you ever dreamed of having breakfast or lunch on the beach, among the palm trees? On Curaçao you can make this dream come true. Go to Koko’s, the popular beach club in Jan Thiel! The lovely terrace with bamboo canopy and the pearly white beach give you Island vibes right away. Order the delicious pancakes with banana yogurt and fruit or go for a bagel and a fresh smoothie. Right after breakfast, you can take a refreshing plunge in the water or take place on one of the beach beds to read a good book.


Also at Koko’s is sufficient parking. At the front of the restaurant you will find a large parking lot.  

Van Gogh

Do you enjoy a good cup of coffee with your Curacao breakfast? Then go to restaurant Van Gogh in Pietermaai. Here you get delicious, freshly roasted specialty coffee. Besides the standard black coffee, you can also order special coffee creations (à la van Gogh 😉). Think for example of an Iced Flat White or an Oreo Cappuccino Frappé. You can even choose which milk and beans you would like in your coffee! Complete your breakfast with a bagel or pastechi (typical Curaçao) and take a seat on the cozy looking terrace. This is what you call a perfect, laid-back start to your day.


Van Gogh has its own parking lot and there are also plenty of parking spaces on the side of the road. Fun fact: Van Gogh is one of the only restaurants on Curaçao with a coffee drive-thru! So instead of parking, you can also choose to take a coffee-to-go.  

La Reina

Seeing the breakfast dishes on the Instagram page of La Reina, your mouth is already watering. Those yogurt bowls with extra fruit and nuts, but also the colorful coffees and carpaccio sandwiches are to die for. La Reina also belongs to one of the best restaurants on Curaçao to have breakfast because of its extraordinary interior. It is not only a restaurant, but also a concept store! So you will have plenty to look at during your breakfast (and shop after breakfast)! Who knows, you might take home a beautiful pillow, a cute necklace, or a fancy top.


You can park your car right in front of La Reina! Nice and easy.  


In the center of the vibrant Otrobanda district you will find one of the cutest restaurants of Curaçao: Florès. This restaurant has a charming city terrace. Here you can taste the authentic atmosphere of Curaçao. Florès also offers great breakfast dishes composed and presented in a chic and special way. Which one should you really try? Go for the French toast with cinnamon and orange cream or the Florentine omelet (with tomato, spinach and parmesan cheese) – real treats for your taste buds!


Since Florès is located in a city center courtyard, you cannot park your car in front. It is best to park the car in the parking lot on Breedestraat or along the waterfront, on Rouvilleweg.  

De Heeren @ Sea

Fresh fruit, paninis, smoothies and chia bowls – you get it all at the Heeren @ Sea. This restaurant is one of our favorite breakfast hotspots in Curaçao because it’s a great place to sit and relax. With your feet in the sand and overlooking the sea, you can start your day peacefully.


If you are lucky, you can park right in front of the door. Otherwise, there is also plenty of parking in the surrounding streets.  


Cafelito offers the tastiest brunch and breakfast dishes all day long. The restaurant is trendy decorated with green velvet sofas and white tables with a marble look. The wall is adorned by a beautiful, colorful mural of birds.

Furthermore, there is a peaceful, cozy atmosphere at Cafelito and you will always receive a warm welcome from the staff. All these features make Cafelito a great place for having breakfast with friends and family or for working on your laptop while enjoying a nice cup of coffee and a piece of cake.

What dishes should you really try while you are there? One of our favorites is the “Sandwich truffled egg salad & smoked salmon”.  Especially paired with the black, homemade charcoal bread, this dish is finger-licking good. Cafelito is also known for their delicious salad with chicken, bacon and apple as well as the pastel-colored latte machiatos!


Cafelito is adjacent to a large parking lot, so you will easily find a parking spot.  
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Are you staying in the western part of the island or are you in for a fun road trip through Curaçao? Then you should definitely go for breakfast at Karakter Curaçao. This restaurant is located directly on the beautiful Karakter Beach and serves the most delicious breakfast dishes between 08:00 and 11:30 am! Go for example for a luxurious Breakfast Platter. Should you arrive a little later than 11:30, we recommend trying the fresh Flammkuchen or the Carpaccio from the lunch menu!


Karakter is located on the luxury vacation resort Coral Estate. Bring your identification to get past security and park the car in the large parking lot near the reception. You can walk the last bit to the beachfront restaurant.  

Bliss the Berry

We conclude our list with our favorite breakfast spot on Mambo, namely Bliss the Berry. Here you get the most delicious smoothies, sandwiches and the nowadays so popular and healthy Acaí bowls. You can even order a delicious protein shake that will support you in getting the perfect summer body. 

But Bliss the Berry is also a great place to sit and make some great content for your socials. Having breakfast, brunch or lunch on Curacao overlooking the palm trees and boulevard of Mambo Beach – doesn’t that sound like Caribbean music to your ears?


Mambo has a large parking lot, where you can always find a spot for your loyal car, which you obviously rented through Liv Car Rental. From the parking lot it is only a few minutes’ walk to Bliss the Berry.  

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