What insurance is included?

Full (‘all-risk’) insurance with extra extensive third-party liability coverage (ANG 500’000 or approximately USD 275’000) is always included in the rental price.

Are tires included in the insurance?

NO. Tires are not included in the insurance. Costs for repair/replacement of a flat tire are at your own expense. Almost all our cars have a spare tire (or else a tire repair kit).

How high is the deductible/excess?

The standard deductible/ excess amount is USD 750 (per incident).

Can I lower the deductible/excess amount?

YES. The deductible/ excess amount can be lowered to USD 150 (per incident) for an additional USD 6 per day.

Do I have to pay a deposit?

YES. The deposit is equal to the deductible/excess amount (USD 750 or USD 150) and must be paid upon delivery of the car via an authorization on a credit card or else in cash.

Can I rent a car without having a credit card?

Yes, that is possible. The deposit must then be paid in cash.

How and when do I pay for the car?

Upon delivery of the car. The total rental amount must then be paid by debit card, credit card (4% commission – also for V-Pay and Mastercard debit cards) or cash in Dutch Antillean Guilders or US Dollars. We have a mobile swipe machine.

The total rental amount can also be paid by bank transfer prior to delivery of the car.

What is the minimum rental period?

The minimum rental period is 4 days. On request/by exception, 2-3 days’ rental is possible (surcharge).

Are there any costs applicable for delivering/collecting the car?

In principle, the car is delivered and collected again free of charge at your accommodation.

However, if this is on the west side of the island (west of the large roundabout towards Westpunt) or near the airport, we charge a fee of USD 30 per trip. We do not deliver beyond Coral Estate / Villapark Fontein.

Can the car be delivered/collected at the airport?

We are not allowed to deliver/collect our cars at the airport as we are a private car rental company not located at the airport. We risk a fine if we do this. Upon request, we are happy to arrange a reliable and comfortable taxi transfer from the airport to your accommodation and/or vice versa (additional charge – depending on location of your accommodation).

How old do I have to be to rent/drive a car?

We apply a minimum age of 21 years. However, you must be in possession of a valid driving license for at least 3 years.

Do I need an international driving license to rent/drive a car?

NO, that is not necessary in Curaçao. An (original) normal driving license is sufficient.

Who can drive the car?

All (additional) drivers registered by us are allowed to drive the car. This is included in the rental price.

Do you rent out child/booster seats?

YES, we rent out a child seat (Isofix) upon request for USD 25 or a booster seat for USD 10 (prices are for the entire rental period).

Do the cars have air conditioning (A/C)?

YES, all our cars are equipped with a nice cool air conditioning.

Do the cars have a navigation system ?

All our cars are equipped with Apple Carplay/Android Auto, so you can easily use your mobile phone for navigation. You do need the original phone cable to make the connection.

What are the best navigation apps for Curaçao?

Maps.me and Google Maps are the best navigation apps. Both can be used offline. Make sure to download the map of Curaçao first while being online.

What is the fuel policy?

FULL = FULL. We always deliver the car with a full tank of fuel. The car must also be returned with a full tank of fuel. Otherwise we will charge an additional USD 50. Optionally a full tank of gas can be prepaid for USD 50 (Fiat 500) or USD 75 (SUV). When choosing this option, the car does not need to be returned with a full tank.

A different policy applies to our electric cars (EVs).

How do I refuel the car in Curaçao?

In Curaçao you must first pay at the cashier before refueling. You can hand over your debit card or driving license and pay for a full tank after refueling the car, or you can pay a certain amount in advance with card or cash and receive a cash refund afterwards for the overpayment. Various gas stations also have employees at the pumps with mobile swipe machines who are happy to help you refuel (a small tip of ANG 1-2 is appreciated).

What type of fuel do the cars use?

All our petrol cars run on SUPER fuel (unleaded). In Curaçao we only have 1 type of this fuel, the YELLOW pump (the black pump is diesel). Our electric cars (EVs) can be charged at various charging points (both public and private).

Do I have to lock the car?

YES, the car must always be locked (including any convertible or sliding roof). However, never leave valuables in the car and certainly do not leave any belongings in plain sight.


No, unlimited km/miles are included in the rental price.

Can I cancel (or shorten) a reservation?

Cancellation (or shortening) of a reservation is free of charge until 24 hours before the start of the rental period. In case of a cancellation within 24 hours before the start of the rental period, you will be charged 50% of the rental amount for the car.



The roads on Curaçao are not very good. There are many potholes and bumps in the roads, so don’t drive too fast. People on the island regularly are busy on their phones while driving, do not always use their flashing lights and regularly drive through red lights. Therefore, drive in anticipation and always keep distance.

The maximum speed is 60 km per hour outside built-up areas (unless otherwise indicated). Within built-up areas this is 40 km per hour. In the event of a significant violation of the speed limit, we will receive a notification, as all our cars are equipped with a GPS tracker.

Traffic from the right does NOT have priority. However, in slow-moving traffic/traffic jams, it is customary to zip and give cars coming from the right in turn.

Through traffic (usually) has priority.

Overtaking on the left and right is permitted on a 2-lane road.

When you drive on a roundabout you have priority, unless indicated differently.

During (light) rain, the streets become slippery, so drive extra carefully (especially in curves). During heavy rain, streets quickly flood, making holes no longer visible. If the water is too high, DO NOT continue driving.

In the event of an accident or damage to the car, DO NOT move the car! Notify us immediately and also call Forensys (Tel. +5 999 461 3282 – kind of traffic police). In case of emergency, also call the police (Tel. 911). Forensys takes photos and handles the insurance papers. Without the intervention of Forensys and/or if the car is moved before Forensys arrives on site, the insurance coverage will lapse and all damage to the car will be for your own expense.

We are a member of the 24-7 Roadside Assistance in Curaçao. They can always be called if the car breaks down or has a flat tire (+5 999 465 0896). We can always see where the car is via the GPS tracker.

When driving one of our electric cars (EVs), pay extra attention to pedestrians. They may not hear the car.