FIAT 500

The Electric Fiat 500 convertible is the perfect island car!

Driving this very comfortable and quiet car you experience the island very intensely. With the roof open you give the sun free entrance, you can hear the palm trees rustling and the birds chirping.

The number of EV charging points on the island is gradually increasing. While charging your car you can enjoy a day at the beach, a coffee break or a delicious lunch. In addition, there are more and more hotels and apartments that have installed charging points. The green movement….. LivCuraçao Car Rental is embracing it!

The car has a range of 155 miles (250 km), so charging every day is not necessary. In addition, you rent the car including “fuel”. How nice!

This modern Fiat is fully equipped with good air conditioning, a nice stereo and Apple CarPlay / Android Auto.

The rear seating space is not very spacious, hence a wonderful car for 2 people.

Do you like to think out of the box, then go for an electrifying experience and rent this Fiat 500E convertible!